Faculty Resources

The textbook department is now accepting and processing course material orders for both Summer 2016 and Fall 2016. Order forms with previous course information have been distributed to Administrative Assistants, as well as blank forms. If your course will require materials like special calculators, software, or other supplies, please indicate those materials on your order form; likewise any other fees associated with the course. If your course will NOT require any materials, or have any extra associated fees, we still ask you to let us know so we can be sure to properly inform students.

If you need a blank order form, one can be downloaded here.

If you'd like to submit your course materials request(s) online, you can use the online textbook ordering tool here. If you have NOT used the online order form before, you'll need to register. When registering, you'll be asked for a one-time Bookstore-supplied password; the password has been given to your administrative assistant. This will tie your account to our store account so that you can see the course list, and so that the order(s) can be passed on to us.

Where the Textbook Dollar Goes is a statistical illustration of the financial data.

Should you need publisher information, additional textbook requisition forms or have any questions, please e-mail or call Rod Beers (274-3961), Craig Canfield (274-1147), or David Dietz (274-1186).